• Corporate Governance

    DaVita is guided by its Mission—to become the provider, partner and employer of choice—and a set of Core Values—Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Fulfillment and Fun—which are reinforced at all levels of the organization.

    We are committed to strong corporate governance policies and practices, as well as compliance with international, national and state laws.

    Code of Conduct:

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    Anti-Corruption Policy:

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    Scope of application of the code

    All! This code of conduct is a guide for all team members, board members, physician partners, and all third parties (in accordance with their contractual obligations) who conduct business on behalf of DaVita global enterprises. Each of us must read, understand and abide by this code of conduct.

    The Compliance Hotline

    The Compliance Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If permitted by local law, Hotline callers may remain anonymous, and those who choose to give their name will have their identity protected to the extent practical and possible by law. An outside company receives the Compliance Hotline reports and will assist you in making your report. DaVita prohibits retaliation and harassment against any teammate who sought help or filed a report in good faith. General Compliance Questions Have a compliance question that needs to be answered? Need help interpreting a specific compliance policy?


    Make the right decision. Call the AlertLine 400-882-2723

    Or report via DaVita.EthicsPoint.com as instructed