About DaVita

DaVita's concept

DaVita is committed to improving the health level and quality of life of patients around the world.
Our company has provided hemodialysis services in 11 countries across the world, including China, the United States, Germany, Britain, Brazil, Colombia, India, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, and is going to further improve the popularity and quality of kidney healthcare worldwide.

Focusing on kidney hemodialysis, DaVita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital is a professional Sino-foreign joint venture dedicated to providing comprehensive kidney care and medical services for patients suffered from kidney disease.Combined the guidelines of the National Health Commission with the US Kidney Disease Treatment Standards, we will formulate a comprehensive plan for each patient receiving treatment at the DaVita Hemodialysis Center in China.

DaVita gives emphasis to the innovation and research in the field of hemodialysis for kidney diseases. There are professional medical and nursing teams providing considerate and comfortable diagnosis and treatment. And Hemodialysis Rooms, Internal Medicine of Kidney, Laboratory Medicine, Inpatient Wards and other departments have been set to jointly establish professional dialysis teams for DaVita, so as to provide professional diagnosis and treatment services for patients with acute and chronic kidney failure through replacement therapy with artificial kidney.

"One-stop" Whole-course Health Management of Hemodialysis

As a professional dialysis center for kidney diseases, DaVita is working on offering patients suffered from kidney disease one-stop diagnosis and treatment services including diagnosis, nephrostomy and dialysis for kidney disease patients. To achieve this goal, DaVita is equipped with advanced nephrotic dialysis management concept for kidney disease, dialysis equipment complies with international standard as well as unique DaVita Medical Quality Index (DQI) and it’s personalized nursing teams has introduced innovative clinical nursing services and comprehensive treatment programs.

Professionalism-Comprehensive and Professional Hemodialysis Medical Services

? Technical support and communication of DaVita's global chief medical officer team are provided.
? Unique DaVita Medical Quality Index (DQI) is introduced.
? Individualized and systematic diagnosis and treatment services for kidney diseases are given.
? Excellent professional kidney research system-DaVita Clinical Research Institute (DCR ®) is possessed.

Humanization-Excellent Service Is Taken as the Foundation

? Personalized and full services are given to patients by professional nursing teams.
? Free pick-up service is provided to patients receiving kidney dialysis by all-weather vehicle team.
? Critical customized nutrition advice, free meals and private kitchen are available to patients.
? Patients enjoy assistance in applying for medical insurance benefits throughout the process.

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